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Can I attach files to my email messages?

Create Email Marketing Updated on August 6, 2018

There are disadvantages to sending attachments in emails. These are:

  • Attachments add up to the email size. Your recipients may not appreciate this as these emails may clog up the space allocated to the email account of the user.
  • Email containing attachments are usually targets for spam filters which may flag them as spam.
  • Your recipient may be suspicious of emails containing attachments, as many viruses/worms are spread in the form of attachments.

Our alternative solution to attachments would be our link feature. Click here for instructions. Our Document Library allows you to upload document files (up to 10MB) to insert it as downloadable links in your email.

Need to send files larger than 10MB or want File Security? Benchmark has partnered with Digioh to help you send files in your newsletter. Our integration with Digioh allows you to easily send large trackable files up to 2GB in your email newsletter. Digioh will also track which one of your subscribers downloaded your file and will alert you if it gets forwarded.

Sign up for a Free Digioh account here!

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