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How do I insert an image into my emails?

Image Gallery Updated on February 20, 2019

To insert an image into your emails, you can use an image hosted on a Website or an image you’ve placed in your own Benchmark Email Image Gallery. Here’s how you do it:

  1. In the Blocks section look for the block Image then, click on it and drag it into your email layout.
  2. Then drag and drop your image directly into the block or click on browse for a file, and select an image from your gallery.
  3. Click Save & Close


How do I insert an image into my emails?

You can replace, edit or add a link to an image, just click on the image, and the editing block will appear on the left. You will see other options like adding a background color, borders or padding.

We suggest to adding Alt Text, which is a short description of what your image is, for those recipients who have images blocked or turned off in their inbox.

To know which images we support click here.

In your image gallery, you can:

To use an image from another Website, enter the URL (Web address) of the image in the IMAGE LOCATION input box and click on IMPORT.

Click here to learn how to get the Image Location for an image from a website.

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