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How to use the Canvas in Automation Pro?

Automation Pro Atualizado em setembro 4, 2019

You might have heard some of our Engagement Specialist talking about the “Canvas” so what is the Canvas and how do we use it?   The Automation Pro Canvas allows you to visualize your journey. Different shapes represent different nodes, and arrows enable you to create paths for your Journey.   When you first start a Journey it will look like this:

Entries determine how your subscribers will enter your journey.

Added to a List

When choosing a list you may select whether all current subscribers are placed in the journey just the newly added subscribers or all existing subscribers plus new subscribers.

Added to a Segment

Select one or more segments to begin the journey. 1. Only the contacts currently on the segment.  2. Only the contacts were added to the segment in the future, and 3.  Three the contacts were are already on that segment plus the contacts who will be added in the future.

Website Engagement

Track visitors to any of your pages where you have installed the tracking code or to one specific page, please install the tracking code in the body of your page for best results.

Date and Time

 Place your list of current subscribers on a new journey based on a specific date and time. For this option, you cannot add subscribers in the future to your journey.

Once you select your entry the next step will be to select an Action or Condition.

Actions help automate/perform tasks for you.

Will delay the action based on Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks and Months.

Create a new email or choose from your past emails or templates.

Automatically add someone to a specific list based on their action.

Remove contacts based on their engagement or non-engagement

Conditions allow you to create new journey paths based on subscriber events:

Allows you to condition based on IF or Else, the options are In List, Not in List, Has Opened Email Has not Opened Email. If it meets the conditions you will have to select what to do next, if it does not meet conditions you also have to assign it a condition such as Add Wait Time, Send Email, Add to List, and Remove From List.

Engage with contact based on the list they are in.

Engage with contacts based on which segments they are in.     

Condition based on Website Activity such as visiting any tracked page, Specific URL or a page that contains a specific URL.

The Connection (arrow) icon allows you to reconnect and disconnect nodes. If there is no connection icon you will not be able to activate your journey. Each node must connect to another.

The Trash Can icon will allow you delete paths and reassemble them.

The system will automatically detect if there is an error in your journey, by displaying a red dot and also header message will appear. 

All Journeys will start from left to right. However, it was made to be flexible allowing you to create your paths in the order you wish to see them. You will be able to click and drag any of your nodes to adjust the view of your canvas.   Our Mini Map allows a bird’s eye view of your canvas. By using the Zoom Tools, you will be able to move quickly on your journey.

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