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Top 12 features from the Classic Editor & how to do them with our Drag and Drop Editor

Automações Atualizado em agosto 7, 2019

First things first, the Classic Editor does not create responsive emails period. Our Drag and Drop Editor does, and not only that aside of being responsive, you can do the same things you were able to in the Classic Editor.

Following are the top 12 things done in the Classic Editor and how to do them in the Drag and Drop Editor.

1. Adding Blocks
Adding blocks in Drag and Drop Editor is easy and convenient. On the left, block column shows the available options. Simply click and drag and drop the block you choose in the workspace/campaign.

2. Duplicating Existing Blocks Each block contains 4 icons on the top left corner, hover your mouse over the Duplicate and click. A duplicate block will show below.

3. Rearranging blocks To rearrange a block hover over the first icon located in the top left-corner. Click on this and drag to the desired location.

4. Inserting Image To insert an image in the campaign you need to add the image block in the campaign and use “browse for a file“. This opens the image gallery and will allow you to select the image you want to insert.

5. Inserting Link Inserting link is an easy task in the Drag and Drop Editor. You can select part of text and link it to a URL.

Also, buttons in drag and drop editor allow a direct and convenient option to add a link, pdf. or email address.

6. Inserting Video From the left options click on the Video block and drag it into the email. Once the block is in you will need to click on Link to Video. Then add the URL of your video or if the video is already in your gallery simply insert.

7. Document library You can access your Document Library from the Drag and Drop Editor under more options. You can either highlight the text you want to use or place your cursor where you want to document link to show. Then select More on the right corner of the editor, and either upload or select.

8. Formatting You can find your Toolbar towards the top center of the editor. You will only see the toolbar once a block is open for editing.

9. Merge Tags Personalization helps with better engagement. The Drag and Drop Editor provides the same options as the Classic Editor. You can find Merge Tags in your toolbar.

10. Social Media Connection Social follow blocks and social share buttons are exclusively available in Drag and Drop Editor. The are located in the Content Block section towards the bottom.

11. Spam Check and Spell Checker Spam and spell checker are third party tools, however, they are seamlessly integrated into Drag and Drop Editor and allows to review the content of campaign easily.

12. Updating Text Version With a dedicated text version view by just a click, this view allows updating the text version of an email from the HTML version instantly.  

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