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What Is Confirmed Opt-In?

Listas de Contatos Atualizado em maio 30, 2019
A Confirmed Opt In (also referred to as double opt-in or verified opt-in) is a two-step process that allows a user to join your mailing list. The user must initially sign up, and then respond to a follow-up email prior to receiving any further email. Here’s how it works best:
Someone signs up to receive your newsletter via online sign-up form (sign-up box).
Benchmark Email immediately sends an email message to this person on your behalf. The email includes a link that the customer must click to confirm that they would like to be on your list. Only after they click on the link will they be added to your active email list.
Confirmed opt-in email addresses are considered to be the best type of email campaign subscribers as they have specifically requested your email campaigns and have verified their interest.
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