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Can I add a Text Disclaimer to my Email?

Drag & Drop Editor Updated on May 2, 2018

Yes, you can add a Text Disclaimer in your emails. We understand your company may need to add a disclaimer to your emails for security or privacy reasons. We offer two different ways to add a Text Disclaimer in your email, in the Permission Reminder or by using one of our Text Blocks.

To learn how to add these please see instructions below:

Permission Reminder
  1. Start by creating a new email.
  2. Select the type of email editor you would like to use, click Save & Next.
  3. Fill in needed fields in Step 1 Details
  4. In the Permission Reminder section paste in your Disclaimer. We do not recommend to remove the text already provided.
  5. When done click Save & Next.


  6. Select the list you would like to send this email to, and click Save & Next.
  7. Now select the type of template you will use.
  8. Your template will now appear, your disclaimer will either be visible in the top or bottom of the email.


  9. Leave or change the position of the Permission Reminder by dragging the block to another part of the email.

This complete the process of adding a text disclaimer via the Permission Reminder. Style of text in the Permission Reminder cannot be customized.

Text Block

You will need to be in Step 3 of the email creation process to add a Text Block.

  1. Select and drag the Text Block into your email. Location is based on your preference.Usually, disclaimers appear in the top or bottom of the email.
  2. Add in your Text Disclaimer and click Save & Close.
  3. You can now continue with the rest of your email.

This completes the process of adding a text disclaimer via a Text Block in the editor. The style of text in a Text Block can be customized.

For your convenience, any email template created and saved by you will be saved as a Past Email that you can reuse at a later time. You can access the Past Email Templates in the Layouts Section of Step 3 of the Email Creation Process.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Support team via Email, LiveChat or Phone.

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