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Can I Add Google Analytics Tracking To My Email Campaigns?

Create Drag & Drop Editor Email Marketing Updated on September 5, 2019


If you use Google Analytics on your website, you can actually track clicks from your Benchmark email campaigns all the way to purchases on your website. Benchmark can do this automatically for you, giving you a better picture of your email marketing return on investment.

You must first create a Google Analytics account and set this up on your website. Be sure to set it so that it may track conversions. Afterwards, here is how you use Google Analytics with Benchmark:

Benchmark Email

  1. Log into your Benchmark Email account
  2. Create or select a campaign that has not yet been sent.
  3. In the Details step of creating your email, turn on Google Analytics under Advanced Options
  4. Customize or use the default campaign name (remember this!)

Benchmark will now automatically add utm_source codes to all your URLs so that Google Analytics can track your email recipients. Here is how to locate them within Google Analytics:

Google Analytics

  1. Log into your Google Analytics account (Or Google Account)
  2. View the reports for the website you are tracking
  3. On the left navigation column under the category Acquisition, select Campaigns and then All Campaigns
  4. Then search for the campaign name you have given your email in Benchmark.

With Google Analytics you will be able track conversions all the way from your Email Campaigns. What Benchmark cannot track, Google Analytics can.

Important: If your campaign is not visible, you can search for campaigns as well. Keep in mind the date range in which you are searching for campaigns. Also, please allow Google Analytics atleast 24-48 hours to process the data.


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