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Can I print a survey?

Surveys & Polls Updated on July 24, 2019

Printing your online surveys can be helpful for several reasons. You may want to print a survey to proofread a physical copy of it or to give to respondents to fill out in person. The survey can be printed page by page during the preview process.

To print a survey:

  1. You may want to adjust your web browser’s print settings (optional) to:
    1. Prevent the header and footer of the browser from printing.
    2. Allow the background colors and images to print.
  1. From the left navigation, click on Contacts.
  2. Under the Contacts menu, click on Survey.
  3. From the list of surveys provided, copy the URL from the one you wish to print.
  4. Paste the copied URL into the browser’s address bar and hit enter. Your survey page will open.
  5. Printing the survey:
    1. If you are using Internet Explorer, right-click on the screen (CTRL-click on a Mac) and select Print.
    2. If you are using Firefox, press CTRL+P buttons at the same time.

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