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Can I use my Past Emails in Automation Pro?

Automation Pro Integrations Updated on December 20, 2018

Absolutely, yes you can use your Past Emails in Automation Pro. We even recommend you create your emails before you start your automations. Creating the emails before you start your journey can make the process faster from start to finish.

Create your email as you normally would and when done save it as a Draft.

Saving your email as a draft will store it under Past Emails.

Now, in your automation in Automation Pro you can choose an Action to Send an Email. This option will allow you to choose the from 3 different editors, You will need to select the Drag and Drop editor, but instead of selecting a Blank Layout or an already made Template you will choose Past Emails.

Note: Layout options will only be available when in the editor.

Once you click on Past Emails, you will see all the saved or sent emails you created as regular campaigns in the Emails Tab. Double click on the email you would like to use, and it will open up in the editor ready to be edited. This is how you can use previously made emails in Automation Pro.

Note: Any email created under the Emails Tab, will appear in Automation Pro under Past Emails. However, emails created in Automation Pro regardless of editor will not appear in regular email creation process. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your how to use Past Emails in Automation Pro, please feel free to contact us via Email, LiveChat or Phone.

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