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Why aren‘t my contacts receiving my emails?

Zustellbarkeit Aktualisiert am 10. Mai 2011

If your subscribers are not receiving your emails, your emails may have been diverted to their spam or junk folders. Ask your customer first to check those folders. If they are there, your subscriber needs to mark your messages as Not Spam.

If your email campaigns are not found in the spam or junk folders, your subscriber’s internet service provider (ISP) may be blocking one of Benchmark’s IP addresses. Benchmark sends from several alternating IP addresses so it is necessary for your subscriber to whitelist each Benchmark Email address in order to receive future campaigns.

It is also possible that your their email service (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL) may have quarantined the email.  This  means they had kept the email to themselves as they believe the email to be very malicious.  We can not easily determine this or verify this as we are sometimes not notified or informed.

Please contact Benchmark Email Support so that we may investigate and possibly determine the cause.

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