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Dedicated IP for Unlimited Sending Users

Contact Lists Updated on October 9, 2020

When you sign up to one of our Unlimited Sending plans, you assume responsibility to use good sending practices. Not using good sending practices affects both you and us the main sender. If your sending starts damaging our sending reputation our Deliverability team is sure to contact you via email or by phone.

Now, If we they not able to reach you on the third try, which is usually by day 7 our team will add a Dedicated IP at no cost for the remainder of your billing cycle. However, if we still don’t hear back from you, then upon your account renewal your account will be charged the Dedicated IP Fee of $28.95.

If you don’t want an additional monthly charge of $28.95, please reply to the email we sent or contact us via chat or by phone to discuss other options. Failing to do so will result in the additional charge each month.

In most cases, you are sending a tremendously high number of emails without a positive result. This means you are not reaching all of your inboxes consistently, due to the restriction of being on a shared IP system that tends to fluctuate. You will benefit by moving away from the shared IPs space that you are currently on to a dedicated one.

The main goal of contacting you is to explain how your sending can be improved and what tools can help improve it. One of those improvements is slowing your sending volume, or if you can’t reduce the volume, we recommend to add a  Dedicated IP. Now, depending on the sending volume, you could need more than one DIP. A Dedicated IP is an add on feature from Benchmark Email.

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