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Difference between Automation Pro and Automation Lite

Automation Lite Automation Pro Updated on January 15, 2019

Difference between Automation Pro and Automation Lite

Benchmark proudly provides two automation features which help you to create engagement with your subscribers. Both of the features are based on email automation. However, there are some differences in the functionality. Automation Pro has advanced automated features where our Automation Lite has the basics to get you started.

Automation Pro

Automation Pro allows to add or remove subscribers from lists or automatically send an email based on triggers, which are tasks that automation lite can’t do.

In Automation Pro, you’ll use a Canvas to piece parts of your automation together. Once you’ve activated an automation, subscribers will go through the entire thing without you having to lift a finger. The entire automation consists of the following.

  1. Entries: This step determines how your subscribers will enter your automation. Following are the type of entry.
    • Added to a List
    • Added to a Segment
    • Website Engagement
    • Date and Time
  2. Actions: This step helps automate/perform tasks for you. Following are the types of actions available in Automation Pro.
    • Delay
    • Send email
    • Add to a list(s)
    • Remove from list
  3. Conditions: This step allows you to create new automation paths based on subscriber events. Following are the type of conditions available.
    • Multiple Conditions
    • Is in list
    • Is in segment
    • Is not in the segment
    • Website activity
    • Email engagement

You can use the canvas in the permutation and combination of actions and conditions mentioned above.

Automation Pro also provides templates to ease the tasks.

Reports of automations created are accessible from the canvas. This helps to see the progress in the automation node by node.

Automation Lite

Automation Lite is a feature which provides a series of emails that are scheduled to be sent to your subscribers over a specified period of days. Automation lite can have multiple emails. Following are the features of Automation Lite tool.

  1. There are two automation types in automation lite.
    • Contact list Automation: Allows to send a welcome email to new subscribers or send Birthday, Anniversary or reminder email based on the date fields in the contact list.
    • Email Engagement Automation: Engages subscribers when they open or click the link within the email campaign. This feature is only available in paid plans.
  2. Reports for Automation Lite are available under the reports section.

Automations can be scheduled based upon the subscription date of each of your contacts. When you create your automation, you can specify how many days after the subscription date to send a particular message.

For example, if you create an Automation lite email, you can set that email to be sent on day 0. This means that the contact will receive the message on the same day that they are subscribed to the list. If you set a message for day 5, the contact will receive the message 5 days after they subscribe to the list.

Note: Automation Lite will send emails to the newer contacts in a list. If contacts are imported to a list which has an active autoresponder, the newer contacts will receive the autoresponder emails.

If you have any other question on Automation Pro or Lite, please feel free to contact our support team via Email, LiveChat or Phone.

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