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Does Benchmark Email provide user guides that I can download? Where do I find these?

Getting Started Updated on September 9, 2019
Benchmark Email has created several user-friendly manuals that can be downloaded as PDF files. These "How-To" guides are created to give you comprehensive and professional tips on general marketing, marketing in your industry, email campaign creation, social media and much more. Feel free to download them for free or read them right here on the site.

Here Are Just a Few Suggested Manuals to Help You Get Started:

The Complete Guide to Email Marketing: This book (hey, we said "complete!") compares email marketing to traditional forms of promotion & marketing while explaining what the tools are, why you need them and how you’ll use them best to promote your business or organization. You’ll get great tips on writing effective copy and content for your newsletters. Download PDF
How to Start Email Marketing: So, why should you start email marketing? We take you through the types of email campaigns, how to get the most value from email marketing and how to structure a campaign. We even tell you what email marketing can’t do. Download PDF
Email Marketing Best Practices 2011: Building on the foundation of our How to Start Email Marketing manual, we delve further into the mechanics of email strategy. Learn how to avoid spam filters, brand your subject lines, create landing pages and establish relationships with your subscribers.Download PDF
How to Build Healthy Email Lists: A terrific resource for newcomers to email marketing as well as those who are looking to enhance their email analytics. Included in this easy-to-follow guide are the basics of confirmed opt-ins, finding a sending schedule that works for you or your business, segmentation by demographics and the dangers of buying lists. Download PDF
Our List of Manuals Includes the Following:
Marketing Online: Surveys and Email Polls Email polls and online surveys can give you new insight into your contact lists and lead to better targeted emails and segmentation. Engaging communication means finding out what your subscribers or customers want, and giving them the chance to offer you real feedback. Download PDF
Resolutions for the Savvy Email Marketer Benchmark Email’s Resolutions for the Savvy Email Marketer is for those who are already email marketing successfully but want to breathe new life into their campaigns. This short guide will reinvigorate your email marketing strategy by helping you to take a fresh look at: list segmenting, list hygiene, content & subject line writing, holiday marketing and more. Download PDF
Benchmark Email Quick Start Guide Designed to be a fast and chronological approach for the person who only wants to know about the specific email marketing steps without stopping for too many definitions and creative direction. Seven steps are clearly illustrated on the front cover and each chapter opens up to a thorough, but fast explanation of each step. Download PDF
Winery Email Marketing Inside, you’ll find out how to benefit your business, regardless of industry, by applying focused email marketing goals, successful segmentation, branding, testing and maintaining an active relationship with your subscribers. Download PDF
Metrics: Tracking & Reporting Here it is, the complete guide to understand your email marketing metrics. Each segment of data is broken down by its location, purpose and significance to your campaign. Download PDF
Associations and Organizations Inside you’ll learn how A&Os compare to industry standards of open and click-through rates and explore how to begin or optimize your next email campaign. Are you ready to take advantage of Benchmark’s full range of email newsletter services? Download PDF
Introduction to Online Marketing We’ll take you through the basics and consider the drawbacks and pitfalls of today’s most popular online media. Learn how to broadcast yourself, create fan pages and optimize your SEO – these steps and more are covered in our free, downloadable guide. Download PDF
Automotive Dealership Marketing Your automotive or motorcycle dealership thrives on customer interaction and satisfaction. Now you have the opportunity to go beyond traditional media and engage prospects directly by expanding with social media, email and online marketing. Download PDF
Creating an Email Marketing Plan How do you find your audience? How do you reach them? Who’s after your business and what is your ultimate goal? When you’ve decided to commit to email marketing, Benchmark is ready with a step-by-step strategy guide. Download PDF
Real Estate Email Marketing No matter which sector of the market you work in, all real estate agencies were hit hard by the economic downturn and home prices have yet to fully rebound. Benchmark Email has compiled a white paper for the real estate agencies across the country enumerating the current industry statistics and providing actionable strategies for improvement. Download PDF
Restaurant Email Marketing Benchmark serves up a full course of email marketing statistics for the restaurant industry. Explore proven email marketing strategies and learn how to follow both current legislation as well as the best practices of your industry. Download PDF
Email Subject Lines Your subject line is arguably the most important element of your email marketing campaign. Inside you’ll discover how to make an email worth a subscriber’s time and show value from the jump while keeping the content crisp and professional. Download PDF
Better User Feedback Customers want to share their insight with your business and receive quality satisfaction. You can encourage this process by taking the initiative and crafting compelling content that is up to date and relevant to their needs. Download PDF
Dental & Orthodontic Email Marketing Learn where dentistries currently place amongst industries already employing marketing tactics and how even the smallest foray into online media can reap greater benefits for your business. Download PDF
Event Marketing in the Digital Age It’s time to reach out and embrace the digital medium with early email marketing that allows you to track, modify and improve your responses – all while accelerating participant engagement and keeping that special date at the forefront of their minds. Download PDF
Bars & Nightclubs: Email Marketing to the Party Crowd Inside you’ll find detailed explanations of structuring and executing email marketing campaigns, comprehensive breakdowns of the legal and procedural standards of both the bar & nightclub industry and federal CAN-SPAM compliance, strategies for email newsletter segmentation, the benefits of online surveys and polls and the current trends in the bar & nightclub scene. Download PDF
Home Improvement Marketing Whether you own a rural home improvement shop or a large depot, the email newsletter game is the same. Learn the current state of home improvement marketing and explore the statistics, facts, trends and best practices of the burgeoning online marketing scene. Download PDF
New and improved manuals are added regularly, so check back often to ensure you have the latest and most up-to-date information at hand!

Note: You will need Adobe Reader installed in order to download our manuals. If you need Adobe Reader, you may download it here.

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