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GDPR Compliant Signup Form

Signup Forms Updated on October 24, 2019

You can add a checkbox to your signup form for GDPR using Benchmarks signup forms.  Your subscribers can trust that the data they are providing is confidential and that you are GDPR compliant. Doing so can help you keep a good reputation with your subscribers and consequently grow your contact list.

To create a GDPR compliant signup form, you’ll need the following.

  • URL where your visitors can read about your site’s Privacy Policies. You’ll add this to your signup form.
  • Contact list with a custom field.
    • To record visitors who accept your site’s policies.
  • Signup form, connected to the modified list.
    • Checkbox.

To add a checkbox to your signup form for GDPR compliance, you must first create a contact list or choose from an existing list and add a custom field to the same.

Creating a custom field in your contact list.

  1. Click on Contacts from your Benchmark Dashboard menu.
  2. Create a list or select an existing list. For this example, we used an existing list.
  3. Click on Edit.
  4. On the Data Field Settings, toggle the slider to the right and select the Extra Field 6 and enter Privacy Policy for the field name. Field name Privacy Policy is used as an example.
  5. Choose True/False for the Field Type.
  6. Then, click on the Save option.sign up form for GDPR compliance

Adding a custom field in your signup form.

Now, it is time to create or edit your signup form. For this example, we’ll create a new form.

  1. From your Dashboard, click on Contacts and then select Signup Forms.
  2. Select Create a Signup Form (if you already have a signup form, skip to step 5).
  3. Choose the type of form you want to use. For this example, we used Embedded Form.
  4. In the next screen, select the list you created earlier with the custom field. On the second step of the signup form creation process, you’ll add the field you edited in the previous step.
  5. Hover over the signup form between the name and email address field and click on the 3 dots where you want to add the custom field.
  6. Then, click on Select Fields, and check the Privacy Policy field you created.
  7. Now, click on the back arrow, and you’ll see your selected field.
  8. Click on the Privacy Policy field.  You can change the field name here if wanted, but we recommend leaving it the same, to match the list and signup form.
  9. Change the Type to Check.
  10. Mark this field as Required.
  11. In the Answer Field, add the following piece of code.
    • <a target="blank" href="">I understand and accept the Privacy Policies.</a>
    • Replace with your site’s privacy policy page.
    • The text highlighted in yellow is what your visitors will see.
  12. Next, you can continue to edit your signup form by changing the style to match your site, you can add more fields or insert a company logo.
  13. When done, click on the Save & Publish option.
  14. Then, confirm your selection.
  15. In the next popup, select the type of code you want to use on your site.
    • Javascript Snippet with Website Tracking
    •  Javascript
    • HTML Code with Website Tracking
    • HTML Code Learn more about Website Tracking using Signup Forms, by clicking here.
  16. Last, copy your code, and head over to your site and add the code where you want the form to appear.

To create a Signup form with a checkbox for GDPR compliance using a Classic Form:

  1. Select Contacts from your Benchmark Dashboard menu. Then click on Signup Forms.
  2. Now click on the Create New Signup Form button.
  3. Select the Classic Form Type and click Next.
  4. Complete Step 1 Details
  5. On Step 2 Design,  you may choose from our list of standard fields or create one that best fits your needs.
  6. Click on the Add New Field button. Note: Here you will add the extra field you added to your Contact List prior to this.
  7. Click on the arrow to filter for options, scroll down and choose the Privacy Policy option.
  8. Now, change the Type to Check.
  9. Click to check the Required box.
  10. Add your text and if you would like to add a link enter your HTML code enter your HTML code on the field provided to add a text to your signup form. (Click on the Plus sign to add multiple texts or on the Minus sign to delete any extra)
  11. Complete editing your form and click Save & Next when done.sign up form for GDPR compliance
  • Classic Signup Form (old interface). Click here to watch the video.


  • This option is only available for the Embedded and Popup Form type.
  • You can change any of the list fields to meet your needs, with the exception of the following.
    • First Name, Last Name, Middle Name and Email Address
  • In the Required fields, your subscribers will have to fill these fields in order to submit the form. 
  • Copy the HTML code as instructed if you would like to add a text to your form.

<a target="blank" href="">I understand and accept the Privacy Policies.</a>

Remember to replace with your site’s privacy policy page, and the text highlighted in yellow is what your visitors we’ll see.

Please be aware that modifying the codes given above could break the code. The HTML code must be exact for it to render correctly. For example, when using quotation marks, make sure you are using “straight” quotation marks and not “curly”. If you notice your quotes changing from straight to curly, copy the code to a text notepad, fix the error and then paste again. Curly quotes will not render the code correctly.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our support team via Email, LiveChat or Phone.

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