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Automation Pro Convert Leads Template

Automation Pro Templates Updated on May 3, 2022

Turn subscribers into customers with this automation. These are people who have shown interest in your product(s) or service(s) by subscribing to your emails. You may have offered them great content or a special deal for subscribing. Now, it’s time to get them to use that special deal and purchase your product(s) or service(s). Follow these steps to create your acquire automation with our template.
Following the example from our Onboarding Template, for an online store in which we offered a 10% discount for their first purchase, we now want to make sure they take advantage of this deal. To do so, we will send a series of emails highlighting the product’s benefits and reminding them of their discount. For this example, we will try to use a seven day cycle. This means that we want to the user to buy something within seven days of earning their discount.
Goal: Drive Sales Traffic
Automation Length: 7 days / 3 emails
Tools to use: Automation Pro, List Management

Setup Before You Create The Automation
  1. Create “Customers List.” This is the list that your subscribers will be transferred to if they complete a purchase on your site.
  2. Plan a Series of Emails. Think of the automation you want your leads to experience.
  3. Create “Purchase Confirmation” Automation. This is a small automation that will constantly check for subscribers who make a purchase. Once a purchase is made, this automation will move the subscriber from your “Onboarding List” to your “Customers List.”
  4. Install the Automations code on your website. It is extremely important that the tracking code is installed on your Thank You page.

Time To Create Your Acquire Automation


  1. Trigger Point
    • The Trigger point for this example is your onboarding list. As soon as someone is added to this list, they become subject to the Acquire Automation. TIP: If you created a “Welcome Email” in the “Onboarding Automation,” remember not to overload your subscribers and allow time between emails.
  1. Automating the series of emails
    • Here is where you want to put yourself in your subscribers shoes. It is important you don’t just blast out emails screaming BUY BUY BUY! That will just scare your subscribers away.
    • The new subscriber earned the 10% off by giving you with their email. Think of ways you can provide added value for their subscription. Keep your subscribers engaged.
    • For this example, we will create an automation that sends 3 emails.
      1. Discount reminder – Day 3 After Signup
      2. Product highlight for discount use – Day 6 After Signup
      3. Free shipping offer – Day 7 After Signup
  1. End of the Automation
    1. Based on the people who purchased from you, you’ll be able to gauge the success of the automation and create improvements for the next one. We recommend creating this automation for a single cycle. Once all of your subscribers have finished the automation, deactivate it to measure the results. If you make a seven day automation like the one in the example, set yourself a reminder to deactivate the automation so you can study the reports and improve. Once you start to fine tune and understand what creates success for your subscribers, you can create a automation that can be ongoing for a few months. This way, as subscribers are added they automatically go through the defined automation and you can revise it every one to three months.


The goal for this automation is to generate sales. It is important to set an end date to the automation so you can look back at what you had created and make improvements for the next automation. If you have a never ending automation, it will be hard to measure and compare.
Other examples for this automation: White Paper follow-up  / Webinar follow-up

If you provide consulting information or a service, you can use this automation template to entice visitors to act upon what they learned in the white paper they downloaded or a webinar they attended. Highlight case studies or actionable ways they can use your service or knowledge.

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