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Automation Pro Engage & Customer Loyalty

Automation Pro Templates Updated on May 3, 2022

This process will help you engage with current customers to keep them coming back to your site. Creating engagement is great for branding and connecting with your subscribers. It will also help with your overall email deliverability.

Create a purpose first: why are you trying to engage with your subscribers? Once you have that, make sure your emails portray that purpose and intent. You can use this journey for subscribers or customers. The idea is to create engagement.


Let’s continue the example we have followed in the previous journey templates. For this specific journey, let’s focus on the people who purchased something from you. Later on, you can copy this template again and create a similar journey for subscribers that haven’t purchased from you.

For people who have purchased something from you, it’s important to keep the conversation going. Highlight ways they can use your product or service or show examples as to how other customers have done it. Discuss specific features or “things they should know.” Again, the idea is to create engagement. The more engagement you create, the better chance of having that customer buy again.

Goal: Engage with subscribers. Increase Open + Click Rate and get Feedback Journey Length: 30 days / 5 emails Tools to use: Automation Pro, Surveys

Setup Before You Create The Automation
  1. Identify the customer journey. What is the purpose of this journey? What is the customer experience you want to deliver? Defining this will help you set the number of emails in the journey as well as the content and design of each.
  2. Set goals for the journey. Based on their engagement with your emails (Opens/Clicks) what is your next step? What will you consider to be a success?

Time To Create Your Engagement Journey


  1. Trigger Point
    • The trigger point for this journey is your customer list. These are people who have purchased something from you. Keep them engaged to increase the chances of repeat business.
  1. Automate your series of emails
    • Just like the Lead Conversion Template, put yourself in your subscribers shoes. You want to continue the conversation, not just blast random emails.
    • Try to highlight features or ways they can use the new product they just purchased. Include add-ons or similar products that would go well with what they bought. This is your chance to create an added value with email.
    • Para este ejemplo, deberás crear una automatización que envíe 5 emails:
      1. Thank You For Your Purchase – Day 1 After Purchase
      2. Get the Most Out of Your Purchase – Day 7 After Purchase
      3. People Who Bought X Also Purchased Z – Day 10 Email After Purchase
      4. How’s the Item You Purchased? – Day 15 After Purchase
      5. Free Shipping on Your Next Order – Day 29 After purchase


  1. Create Loyal Subscriber List
    • Get to know who your loyal subscribers are by adding an “Multiple Condition” at the end of the journey that checks for subscribers who opened all of the emails.
    • These subscribers will be added into a list called, “Loyal Subscribers”.

The goal of this journey is to engage with your subscribers, in this case, those who just purchased something from you. Teach them how to use the product or service they just bought. Showcase other products that go well with what they purchased and try to get feedback on what was bought. TIP: You can add a condition at the end of the journey that checks for subscribers who gave feedback.

Other examples: Subscribers / Webinar Signups / PDF or Whitepaper Download

You can use this journey template to simply engage with subscribers by creating a series of emails that will motivate them to come back to the site. This will also help you with branding.

If you have a webinar coming up or if you created a new PDF or whitepaper, you can use this journey to target previous webinar attendees to attend your next one.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our support team via Email, LiveChat or Phone.