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Automation Pro Onboarding Template

Automation Pro Templates Updated on November 6, 2020
This process will help you turn visitors to your website into potential buyers. These are people who show interest in the product(s) or service(s) you provide by searching the web and visiting your website.
It’s important to try to capture their information to followup with marketing messages later on, because visitors may not purchase right off the bat. Follow these steps to create your onboarding automation with our template.
Let’s create an Automation for an online store to increase their list of subscribers. To do this, we will first create a pop-up form that triggers as people visit the feature(s) page with an offer for 10% off their next order when they subscribe.
Goal: Increase Subscribers
Automation Length: 1 Day / 1 email
Tools to use: Pop-up Form, Automations Pro

Setup Before You Create The Automation
  1. Create the Pop-up Form with the offer
  2. Assign the Pop-up Form to a new list
  3. Install the Automations code on your website, this will help you with future automations.

Time To Create Your Onboarding Automation
  1. Trigger Point 
    • As people visit your feature(s) page, the pop-up form will be prompted with the 10% discount offer when they subscribe. Once they subscribe, they will automatically be added into the list you selected.
  1. Automating the first email 
    • As Subscribers are added to this list, the next part of the automation is triggered and an email is sent. This email will include a promo code for their 10% discount (you will need to input the promo code of your choosing into your eCommerce platform).


Build a list of interested subscribers to which you can engage with email by activating this automation. To increase sales, you can use our Acquire template to help you create an automation to convert leads into customers.
Other examples for this automation: White Papers / Webinars / Blog

You can also use this automation template to entice visitors to subscribe by offering a PDF, webinar or blog posts. The goal is to grow your audience. This is your list, and for many, a most valued asset.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our support team via Email, LiveChat or Phone.