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Automation Pro Purchase or Conversion Confirmation Template

Automation Pro Templates Updated on May 3, 2022

This automation is to identify subscribers who have purchased something from your website and move them into a list of Customers allowing you to automate messages to subscribers and customers without confusing them.

Let’s say you have a automation that sends six emails over three months to your leads to get them to purchase something on your site. It would be an annoyance to continue sending these emails if a customer has already bought something. In this automation, we will use the website engagement tool to identify when a subscriber successfully purchased something on your site. As this happens, Automation Pro will automatically move subscribers into a Customers list, allowing you to place them into a paid customer automation if you would like.
For this example, we will use a URL such as this one:
  1. Success Page (E.g.
This is your “Thank You” page. The only way a visitor can get to this page is by completing a purchase on your site. You will place the tracking code on this page and create an automation based on someone visiting this page. The automation will place the visitor in a “Customers” list.
Goal: Identify visitors who purchase and place them in a “Customers” list
Tools to use: Automation Pro

Setup Before You Create The Automation
  1. Install Automation Pro Tracking Code on your success or “Thank You” page
  2. Make sure your subscriber can be tracked. In order to identify the email address of a visitor on your site, they must have received, opened and clicked on a link that goes to your site within an email previously.

Time To Create Your Onboarding Automation


  1. Trigger Point
    1. For this automation the trigger point will be a website engagement. We will identify visitors who complete a purchase on your site. (e.g.
  1. Move Subscriber to “Customers” List: Once someone completes a purchase, we will move them into your “Customers” list. From there, you can create an automation for paid customers later on if you would like.
  1. Remove the Subscriber from the “Leads – Onboarding” List: To make sure you don’t send emails intended for leads to customers, you need to complete this automation with this last step of removing them from your leads list.


The goal of this automation is to separate your leads from your customers, allowing you to make specific automations for each group.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our support team via Email, LiveChat or Phone.