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How Does Benchmark Email Protect Against Spammers Signing Up?

General Questions Updated on May 4, 2022

Benchmark Email has many practices in place to help ensure the best deliverability rates and experiences for senders and receivers alike. Preventing SPAM is something we strongly believe in. We reserve the right to disable any account, at any time, if we suspect it is being used for the purpose of SPAM. Measures taken by Benchmark Email to combat SPAM include the following:

  • Limitations on Free Trial: To prevent a spammer from signing up with a free trial, we have placed certain limitations on the availability of services for unpaid accounts. These limits include only 1,000 contacts uploaded and only 250 emails can be sent, total. Also, free trials are restricted to 30 days of activation.
  • Campaign Approval: Every campaign that is created in Benchmark Email goes through a verification process and must be approved by one of our account specialists before it can be scheduled for delivery. This is to ensure that the content within each campaign complies with Benchmark Email’s Terms of Use.
  • Email List Approval: Every list that is uploaded into Benchmark Email goes through an approval process and when documentation is requested, the list(s) will not be approved until the verification is received and reviewed. During this process the list is also inspected for addresses that may be associated with SPAM traps.
  • Email Verification: Prior to allowing users to set their “Reply to” and “From” email address in campaigns, Benchmark Email requires that ownership of the address is verified. This prevents a sender from misleading their subscribers with false contact information.
  • Abuse Monitoring: Accounts are monitored for abuse complaints and any account that exceeds an acceptable level of complaints may be disabled or placed under review.
Anti-Spam Initiatives
Benchmark Email is a proud member of the Email Sender and Provider Coalition (ESPC). This means that we belong to an elite group of email marketing companies that go the extra mile to protect their customers. We follow the ESPC’s best email practices guidelines, which dictate the use of good opt-in procedures and clear communication with email recipients.

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