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How long does Benchmark Email keep statistics?

Reports Updated on August 6, 2018
The statistics for each email you send from your account will be tracked for the life of the account.

Each email that you send from your account is logged in the ‘Email Reports’ section of your account, under the ‘Reports’ tab. This list will be retained for the life of your account, as well as the cumulative statistics for each individual email.

Each email you send has its own unique identifier. When one of your contacts opens that email, we add the statistic to the totals for that email. This is also true for your Autoresponder email statistics and for Survey results.

NOTE: If you delete an Autoresponder, your stats for that particular Autoresponder will no longer be retrievable.

Since the identifiers are unique, it doesn’t matter when an email, survey or autoresponder is open., we will track that activity and make adjustments.