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How to use the Jump To Node

Automation Pro Updated on June 23, 2020

The Jump To feature was created with our customers in mind, after seeing that we desperately needed a way to help you shorten your automations. The node does exactly what its name suggests. It jumps a contact to another point in the automation. Use the Jump To feature to move a contact back to a starting point in your automation or use it to jump them forward.

Jump to Feature from Automation Pro

Here is how to use the Jump To feature:
  1. In your Automation click the plus icon on the node that will trigger the Jump To node.
  2. Select Action, and then click on Jump To.
  3. Now, you can click and drag the Jump To node to another area.
  4. Then, click on the arrow in the node and drag it to where you want your contacts to Jump To.

From here, you can continue your automation by adding other actions or conditions, or you can activate the automation.

  • When adding or changing nodes in an automation, please make sure you click on the SAVE option when done.
  • The Jump To node can not connect to a trigger (start of your automation).
  • A contact can only go through the jump node 27 times, after the 27th time they will no longer go through the Jump To node.
  • When using the Jump To node to send a contact back to a Send Email node, please note that it is limited to 3 email sends per day and 9 times in the lifetime of the automation.
  • The number displayed on the Jump To node is how many contacts have passed through the node. You can click on the number to see a report.
Email Reports 

Each email sent is considered unique. Therefore, if a contact is jumped to an email node twice and if they open on the second try, in the email reports, you will see 1 open and 1 unopened. Click here to learn more about Automation Pro reports.

If you have any questions regarding the Jump To node, please feel free to contact our support team via Email, LiveChat or by Phone.