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Incomplete Validation States

Automation Pro Updated on May 9, 2022

If you complete a journey but our system gives you an error, it could be due to multiple things. A Journey is incomplete when any of the scenarios below exists in your journey.

Missing Connection

If a node or path is missing a connection arrow, error dots will appear on severed paths.

Incomplete Details

Please complete all node details prior to activating a journey. The journey will not be activated when the nodes are incomplete and red dots will appear on the incomplete nodes.

Incomplete Field

If any fields in a detail panel are incomplete, the field will be highlighted and a message will be displayed. User can’t save the node with incomplete fields.

Template Loaded

Pre-created templates will bring on all your nodes and paths. However, the details of each node need to be completed prior to activating the journey. Red dots are displayed on all incomplete nodes.

Not enough journey nodes

Prerequisite for a journey to be activated is that at least two nodes need to be present in the journey. When a journey consists of only one node, a message appears.

Combination of errors

If any combination of the above errors is present in the journey, and the user attempts to activate, red dots and a message will appear.

If you are still seeing the error messages and have checked these options please feel free to contact us by Email, LiveChat or Phone.