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My images are broken when I provide my own HTML Email

Image Gallery Updated on March 28, 2019

How images work in HTML email When you code HTML email, you should use “absolute URL paths” for your images, so that they are downloaded from your web server when the email is opened. Images are never “attached” with your email, and they can’t be “embedded” in the message. They’re always hosted on a server, then downloaded when the email is opened.

If your images aren’t showing up in your HTML email, there are a few possible problems:

  1. The images no longer exist at the path you specified.
  2. The image tags in your HTML code aren’t using absolute paths to download the image files on your web server
  3. Some email applications block images from loading, until the user clicks on the “Show Images” button.
  4. If you are referring the images from a free image hosting site, these websites usually block direct links to the images they host.

You can host images on Benchmark Email servers using the Image Gallery feature. If you need more than 10MB of disk space for your images, you need to upgrade to the premium image hosting option.

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