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Release Notes: December 2022

Release Notes Updated on February 1, 2023

At Benchmark, we’re on a constant mission to pursue product excellence for our users. Here’s a few ways we’ve worked toward that mission over the last 30 days:

New Feature

Automation Pro Node Summary Reports
  • Our new Node Summary Reports give you more detail about every step of your Automation Pro journeys. At a glance, you’ll better understand how your automation is performing, who is receiving your outreach, and how you can improve your next Automation Pro campaign.

UX/UI Improvements

Automation Pro
  • Node Summary Reports:
    • Trigger Node Report gives you a detailed listing and count of all contacts entering your automation.
    • Add to List Node Report shows a count and detail of any contacts added to your lists as a result of your automation. Duplicate entries that are not added to a list are shown separately.
Upgrade Page
  • Improved Live Chat access during the upgrade process.
  • Moved the Billing Cycle Selection back to the Summary on the Checkout Step, making it easier to toggle between monthly or annual payment options. 
  • Installed intuitive plan recommendation banners so that you can quickly identify the right plan for your needs based on the feature link you visited from.
  • Improved visibility and usability of the contact count selection slider.
  • Dynamic Maximum Contact and Email sending limit information is now available in each plan card.
Account Renewal/Restoration
  • Enabled users with expired and canceled accounts to choose to renew as a different plan level or tier than their old plan at cancellation.
  • Fixed color coding inconsistencies for accounts near or at contact or email plan limits.

Bug Fixes

  • Restored Twitter auto-post email integration.
  • Fixed issue where a specific list could not be duplicated.
Email Editor
  • Adjusted spacing issues caused by Smart Content Icon in CN, JP, and BR sites.
  • Blocked password managers from auto-filling text in image alt-text fields.
  • Fixed temporary issue where images placed in text blocks would not retain URL link information.
  • Restored temporary issue where Email Templates and Layouts did not preview as expected during the template selection process.
  • Fixed issue where Inbox Checker results were delayed or not appearing.
Code Editor
  • Fixed temporary issue where Inbox Checker did not return results.
  • Fixed issue where permission reminder settings were not saving as expected.
  • Fixed link error experienced by a specific user’s email.
  • Resolved intermittent error code issues when adding contacts via API

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.