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What does the LiveIntent integration do?

Integrations Updated on February 12, 2021

LiveIntent is a marketing solutions company based in New York.  What the LiveIntent integration allows Benchmark users to do is to place ads into their emails, to generate ad revenue. You can generate advertising revenue by allowing LiveIntent’s platform to serve an ad ito the emails you’re already deploying. You have full control over your email experience and can decide where the ad will be placed, as well as category blocking capabilities. Once you receive your set of HTML LiveTags from LiveIntent, you will implement it into your template design, perform a quick test to ensure they are working properly and you’ll be ready to start generating advertising revenue every time you deploy a campaign.

Here are instructions to integrate with LiveIntent:

  1. Contact Benchmark Email to setup your LiveIntent account
  2. You’ll then receive a set of your own HTML LiveTags from LiveIntent
  3. Implement the tags in your campaign
  4. Test then enjoy!