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What should I know about the Web version of an email?

General Questions Updated on April 6, 2022

The web version of your email is meant for contacts who have trouble viewing your email campaign in their inbox because a) they’ve turned off the feature that lets them see images and graphics, or b) their email provider does not allow graphics and images to appear in emails. Your Web version of your email is identical to the one you send out. It includes all your graphics, images, links, an unsubscribe link and more.

When recipients click on the link that says “To view this email as a Webpage, click here”, they’ll be able to see your email in its entirety. If you’ve deleted the email you’ve sent out, your recipients will not be able to view it as a Webpage.

You can also archive your emails to show your email as a general Webpage, but your archived version will not have the personalization you’ve included in your original email.