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Why do some contacts who have opened the email not show up in the email’s opens report?

Reports Updated on June 15, 2021

An open is recorded when an invisible 1px by 1px tracking image in your email displays on your contact’s screen. It is also recorded when the recipient clicks on any of the URLs in your campaign that include link tracking.

Benchmark Email cannot record opens when:

  • …the recipient does not enable images to display in an HTML version of your email.
  • …the recipient’s firewall or spam filter removes images from the campaign.
  • …recipients that are receiving the email as text-only (unless they click on the link to view the email as a web page). Emails that are text-only do not support images and therefore the image we use to track it is not displayed.
  • …the recipient’s server restricts outgoing traffic, preventing our system from receiving the proper feedback that notifies us of an opened email. (Commonly affects government institutions, banks, and organizations that deal with sensitive data.)


There are some cases where email addresses (recipients) are marked as open in the email reports, even though the recipient did not engage with the email campaign. See some reasons why below. 

  • The recipient server is using Spam filters. In this case, the email gets scanned by the spam filter, and due to this, the recipient’s email address is labeled as an open.
  • The recipient is using Antivirus or firewall. Similar to the case mentioned above, if the recipient is using a security software like Antivirus or Firewall setup at the receiving server, the email might be marked as open when scanned for further delivery.
  • Use of Proxy servers: ISP’s like Google and Yahoo! Use proxy servers to cache images in emails on their end. This might show uneven reports with multiple email addresses opened at the same time. For more information,  click here.

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