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Why Is My Email Campaign Under Review?

General Questions Updated on December 21, 2020

When an email campaign is scheduled to be delivered, the email is scanned and then monitored by our Benchmark support team. Emails are checked for signs of abuse or language that could be marked as spam by inbox filters. This is done to protect both Benchmark Email’s reputation and the reputation of the sender, as well as ensure a higher deliverability rate. Factors that require further investigation take longer to approve. You may also get a notice from us if your email campaign has been ‘Not Approved’ or if we need more information from you.

Following are some of the instances that will cause your Email Campaign to be ‘Under Review’ or ‘Not Approved.’

1) Suspicious Keywords: If your email content mentions names of reputed banks and/or financial institutions, or it talks about personal information like logins and/or passwords. This is a common technique employed by phishers and many ISPs may classify such mail as spam. This does not necessarily mean your particular email is fishy. However, we do need to have a close look at it once.

Solution: If possible, avoid these types of words and phrases.


2) Email Campaign Has No Text Content: Your email message contains only an image and might be categorized as spam by leading ISP’s. If you use an image editing program (e.g. Photoshop) to design your campaign and then export the HTML to your email, the resulting email reads as one large image (text inside your image is not read separately). Spam filters do not read the large image and emails that cannot be read are blocked. In addition, most email programs (like Gmail) automatically strip the images from an email, giving the user the option to display images or not. Such Emails will appear as a blank email to recipients whose mail client does not display images or if the recipient is set to receive text-only emails.

Solution: Benchmark Email strongly advises against sending emails that only contain a single image. We also strongly recommend that you include a text version of your email.


3) Default Text in the Content: By default, all of our email templates have default text content in them. As a user, you are supposed to replace that content with your own language content. Sometimes users inadvertently miss replacing a few lines of default content from their email campaign. A recipient, when receiving an email with this junk default content will naturally become irritated and classify your email as spam, hurting your deliverability (and reputation).

Solution: Go through your entire email campaign carefully and see whether you have missed out replacing the default content. Also, make sure that the “text version” of your email does not contain default content.


4)  Shortened URL: URL Shorteners are not allowed in email campaigns. Since they only have one host, when you send a URL Shortener in an email campaign you are willingly adding the reputation of the URL Shortener host to your own. If you use a URL Shortener that was made specifically for you, and it resolves to the same IP Address that is being used for abuse, your emails could potentially be blocked by ISPs. Since this could hurt both our and yours sending, we do not allow URL Shorteners.

Solution: If your email is rejected due to this, simply remove the URL Shortner from your campaign both in the HTML and Text version. Then create a new copy of your email and reschedule. If you try to resend the same email, the system will reject it again. It must be a new campaign with no shorteners.


   5)  High Spam Score: When we ran your email campaign through our software it received a high spam score. It’s important to understand that this does not necessarily mean that we believe your email is spam. Rather, your email will likely be blocked by the content filters of your recipients’ inboxes. Spam filters cross-index certain phrases and rate emails based on how often these phrases or words appear. Points are assigned to such phrases as ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Don’t Miss Out’ and ‘Click Here.’ An email campaign is tossed into the junk or spam folder once it receives a specific score. If your message talks about any of the following it is liable for red flagging:

  • Pharmaceutical offers
  • Diet methods
  • Get-rich quick schemes
  • Services of an adult nature
  • Gambling
  • Sub-prime mortgages, etc.


  • Avoid using ALL CAPS, especially in the subject line.
  • Excessive or peculiar punctuation is a warning sign, as is replacing letters with symbols.
  • Balance your images and text.
  • Write both a plaintext and an HTML version of your email. Though the extra step will cost you time, the alternative will appeal to the percentage of your subscribers who will not want to view your images or HTML.
  • Do not copy and paste HTML, especially not from Microsoft Word.
  • No spam phrases (the most frequently used spam phrases can be found on several websites).

Modifying your current email under review and eliminating these problem spots will allow you to reschedule your email campaign and bypass our review system completely.

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