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Why is the footer of my email pushed into the wrong place?

Create Email Marketing Updated on August 6, 2018
The footer of a message sent by Benchmark Email may appear to wrap to the sides of an email due to issues from code not created in Benchmark Email’s email editor. This is common among Microsoft editors such as Frontpage or Publisher.

There are several possible solutions to this issue.

  • Many times the problem can be fixed by changing the alignment value of the main table from ‘center’ or ‘left’ to ‘default.’
  • You could also try checking alignment values for paragraph and div tags, as removing those can solve the issue.
  • If the problem persists, a line of code like the following can be the culprit: (div style=”float: left; clear: both;”). The ‘float left’ is the code causing the problem in this example. Remove the entire line of code including the greater than and less than symbols. ‘Clear’ is not supported by all email clients either, so that is why deleting the entire line of code is better. Just remember to delete the ending div tag too.
  • If the footer is still being pushed to the wrong location, check table tags and table data tags. Try changing those alignments to default.
Another cause of the problem could be the use of ‘absolute positioning.’ When you use ‘absolute positioning’ rather than ‘relative positioning,’ elements of the page are placed exactly where they are called to be placed, which may be the cause of the footer wrapping to the side of an email. Given how many different email programs there are that ignore certain elements of HTML or CSS, it would be best to use relative positioning when creating an email. That way, each element of the page is positioned in the order they appear in the code as the email is generated down the page.

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