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L’utilisation du CSS dans les emails HTML

General Questions Actualisé le août 6, 2018


  • Avoid background images. Many email clients do not support/encourage background images. You can use background colors if you wish (bgcolor tag attribute or background-color: css statement).
  • Do-not use CSS properties, for positioning, instead use nested tables, Avoid CSS shorthand such as those used for font properties and background properties.

Things To Do

  1. Use tables for layout. Tables are more consistently supported.
  2. We recommend that you place your CSS code inline to your content. It should look something like this:
    Your content here....
  3. Declare width, cellpadding, and cellspacing for all tables and table cells. This will result in a fixed width for the template.
  4. Use hspace and vspace tag attributes to add whitespace around an image. Margin and padding inline styles are supported by most, but not all email clients