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What email clients and spam filters can I test using the Inbox Checker?

Email appearance Mobile devices: Android 2.3 Android 4.0 Gmail (Android) (Android) BlackBerry 4 OS BlackBerry 5 OS iPad iPhone 4S iPhone 5 Symbian Windows Phone 7.5 Web-based: AOL Mail (Explorer) AOL Mail (Chrome) Gmail (Chrome) (Chrome) Yahoo! Mail (Chrome) AOL Mail (Firefox) Gmail (Firefox) (Firefox) Yahoo! Mail (Firefox) Gmail (Explorer) Free (Explorer) Yahoo! Mail (Explorer) Windows: Color Blindness Lotus Notes 6.5 Lotus Notes 7 Lotus Notes

août 7, 2018

How is the winner of an AB Test chosen?

1 of 3 ways: Automatically, after a specified amount of time has elapsed Automatically, on a specified date and time Manually

septembre 5, 2019