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How can I lower my opt-out rate?

Contact Lists Updated on August 6, 2018

It is expected that a certain number of contacts will opt-out with every campaign that is sent. However, if you are losing a significant number of subscribers, there may be two main reasons for this.
Targeted Audience
You may not be sending to the appropriate audience. If subscribers signed up hoping to receive notices of upcoming sales and coupon opportunities but instead only receive your detailed, informative newsletter then they may decide after a few campaigns to unsubscribe. Segmenting your list(s) to target based on interests is a great way to ensure your contacts are receiving emails that appeal to them and will help reduce your opt-out rate. Using surveys and/or polls is another great way to determine what your contacts are interested in.
Emailing Too Frequently
It is not recommended to send more than one email for every 10 days that pass. Of course, the frequency of your campaigns will vary depending on your business needs, but it is important to keep in mind your contacts’ expectations. Try not to overwhelm them with several emails over a short period of time as this may cause them to opt-out quickly.

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