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How Do I Block Subscribers From Entering an Automation?

Automation Pro Updated on October 30, 2020

Automation Pro, allows you to block new subscribers from entering an automation. To see or activate this trigger the automation must be ACTIVE.

This Blocking Trigger is only available for the following nodes:


When using the following Settings:

  • Include: All Subscribers
  • Include: New Subscribers

When you use the Block Trigger, all subscribers in the automation will continue through the automation as normal, existing users will not be affected. The Blocking Trigger option is not available for the setting Existing Users.

To activate the Block Trigger follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the automation you wish to Block contacts from.
  2. Then on the bottom right of the canvas, click on Block Trigger. 

  3. When you click on the trigger, you will see a popup. Warning you, that once you activate this trigger No New Subscribers can be added to the automation.
  4. Last, click on Save


When adding or changing nodes to an automation, please make sure you click on the SAVE option when done.

If you still have more questions regarding this trigger please feel free to contact our support team via LiveChat, Email or by phone.

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