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How do I create a new list?

Contact Lists Updated on February 11, 2019

When sending a campaign, you will need to select a list of contacts. If you have not created a list yet, here are the steps on how to create one.

  1. Once logged in to your Benchmark account.
  2. Select Contacts from the Dashboard menu.
  3. Click on Create New List on the top-right corner of the page.
  4. Select Regular List and click Next. 
Choose from the options below to add contacts to your new list.
    • Import Contacts From a File: Upload .xls, .csv, .txt files from your computer.
    • Copy & Paste Contacts: If you have a document that contains a lot of email addresses, you can use this option to add them. Just copy and paste them in.
    • Add Individual Contacts: Fill in all the details of your contacts with this option and add them one by one.
    • Import From A Service: Import contacts from an integrated service such as Google Contacts, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and more.
 (For this FAQ we will use the Import Contacts From a File option.)
  5. Click Next.
  6. Give your list a name and click Next.
  7. Browse to choose your file and click Open.
  8. Now click Next.
  9. Map fields accordingly.
  10. Click Save & Finish. 

Note: All list(s) uploads are subject to List Verification.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our support team via Email, LiveChat or Phone.

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To create a new list:

  1. Click on the Create New List link from the Contacts Menu.
  2. Enter the list information. Enter the list name. List name is required. NOTE: The name that you give your list will be seen by the subscribed contacts, on their ‘Manage Your Subscriptions and Profile’ page.
  3. Select the Option to add contacts to the newly created list . You can add contacts using any three options later.
  4. Click “SAVE & ADD CONTACTS“.


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