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How Do I Find a Survey‘s URL?

Surveys & Polls Updated on October 9, 2020
  1. From the left navigation, click on Contacts.
  2. Under the Contacts menu, click on Survey. 

    In the surveys page, a list of all the surveys in your account will appear. The URL of the survey appears under the status.

  3. Click on the Survey URL to open the survey in a new tab. You can copy the URL from the address bar. This URL can be included in your email campaigns and website or anywhere else you’d like to promote your survey.
  4. To copy highlight the survey link (once Survey is open in new tab) and  CTRL-C (or Command-C on a Mac) to copy.

Note: Do not copy the URL from the address bar of the survey dashboard itself. If you distribute the URL displayed in the address bar of your browser being on the Survey page in account, your contacts will not be able to access your survey.

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