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How do I increase traffic to my website?

General questions Updated on August 6, 2018
Having a solid group of responsive subscribers is the ideal situation for any small business owner. You can feel confident that these subscribers will be frequent visitors to your website. However, you also want to increase the number of people who visit your site that have not yet signed up for your services and products. Here are some suggestions that may help attract a higher volume of new visitors to your site:
Publish Quality Content

Having strong quality content that offers a unique view on your area of business will help pull new people to your page in their search results.

Publish a Blog

Publishing a blog is a great way to get content onto your site that is readable and attractive. Blogs are very popular and people are drawn to them, making the number of potential subscribers grow. Search engines also index your articles, which will also increase traffic to your site. Consider connecting your blog to your Benchmark Email account to give even more access to both your campaigns and blogs.


Using some of your business’ budget for advertising might be the best way to increase traffic flow to your site. Choosing to advertise on popular social media sites, such as Facebook, will get your name out there and exposed to various groups of people. Spending a little money now can result in large financial gain down the road.

There are offline as well as online advertising opportunities. For online options, consider Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, Google AdSense, and MSN adCenter. For offline advertising, make sure that your website address and some information about your company is on any print materials that you use.

What Not to Do

There are certain things you will want to avoid, otherwise you will cause more harm than good for your website and business.

Purchasing Leads: Besides the fact that purchased lists are prohibited from Benchmark Email, pushing yourself onto people who have not elected to hear from you may result in negative feedback, spam complaints and being reported to the Better Business Bureau.
Plagiarism: Do not copy the content of someone else’s site onto your own. Be creative and come up with your own content. If you are referencing the work of someone else, be sure to give them credit and provide links when possible, just as you would if you were producing a research paper in school.
Spamming: Make sure the information you are sending is legitimate and relevant to your targeted audience. Mass producing content and then spamming your contact lists is the fastest way to destroy any progress you had been making with your business.

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