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How do I install the tracking code on my website?

Automation Pro Updated on June 25, 2019

Tracking if your recipients are engaging with your website, is the number one rule if you want to to keep your recipients engaged. Use this information to know what it is they are interested in and figure out how to better pursue your recipients. Learn how Benchmark tracks website activity.

If you are using a trigger such as Website Engagement or the condition Website Activity, you will need to copy the tracking code and add it to your website.

The tracking code is unique to your account, and can be found in 3 different places.

Website Engagement

Website Activity

Automation Pro Dashboard

How to use the tracking code
  1. Copy the tracking code.
  2. Now you will need to paste the tracking code in the header of your website’s HTML.

You may need to contact your webmaster or your service provider to add code if you do not have access to update.

You can test if the tracking code was added correctly by using the testing tool functionality.

When you have confirmed the tracking code was placed correctly you can move on to the rest of your automation.

To learn how to use Website Engagement or Website Activity nodes click here.

To use Google Tags Manager, please see the instructions below.
  1. Log into your Benchmark Email account
  2. Navigate to your Automation Pro tool
  3. Click or start an Automation
  4. Use an element website activity for Triggers, or website engagement for Conditions
  5. Then open your Google Tags Manager
  6. Click Tags on the left sidebar
  7. Create a new tag
  8. Choose Custom HTML
  9. Then paste in your Benchmark tracking code
  10. Under Triggering, select All Pages
  11. Then Save

If you have any further questions regarding the tracking code placement, please feel free to contact our support team via Email, LiveChat or by Phone.

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