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How Do I Integrate MadMimi With Benchmark Using Zapier?

Contact Lists Integrations Updated on November 6, 2020


How to connect and export your contacts from MadMimi to Benchmark via Zapier

No need to set back your email marketing, just because you are switching ESPs. Zapier can help by moving your database in MadMimi to Benchmark for you. Stay engaged and let the pros do all the work. Creating Zaps is very easy and fast. Please read the instructions below to learn how to use Zapier with Benchmark.

How to connect and export contacts
  1. Sign Up for a Zapier account, if you haven’t already.
  2. Make sure that you have accounts with Benchmark and MadMimi
  3. Once you are signed into Zapier, select the option Make a Zap
  4. Now you will get the option to select a trigger and action
  5. Now, search for MadMimi in the Trigger Search menu bar and choose the Trigger option you would like to use.
  6. Then search for Benchmark Email on the Action Search menu bar and select the Action of your choice.
  7. For Trigger and Action, follow the steps given by Zapier to connect.
  8. Select the list in which your subscribers will be added
  9. Then Save and Finish

Now all the new subscribers and customers will be automatically added to your list that you have selected in Benchmark.

Things to consider

  • With Benchmark you can start with our Free List Plan 2,000
  • Zapier provides a 14-day free trial
  • The integration of Zapier with Benchmark is easy to follow and intuitive

For more information or assistance you can contact Zapier. If you have any questions regarding Benchmark please contact our Support team via LiveChat, Email or by phone.

*If you need a product that has a 2 way connection you can also try out PieSync. PieSync offers a 2 way connection between apps!

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