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How do I make my email background all one color?

Templates & Editor Updated on August 6, 2018
Background colors in your email can be adjusted with the Global Colors section of the editor.

To make your email background all one color:

  1. Click on the Emails tab.
  2. Go to Step 4 of the Create Email process. You can find the Global Colors option in the left panel.
  3. You can change every area’s color icon from this panel. If you want background all one color then you need to change all block colors to one color.
  4. In the color picker that pops up, select the color you wish to use. You can click on one of the colors in the color picker or enter the hex value of the color you want to use. The changes you make will reflect in your email. To save those changes, click APPLY.
  5. Click Save for the block when all edits are complete.

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