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How do I personalize the subject line (or content) of my email?

Contact Lists Getting Started Updated on March 31, 2020

If you want to use personalization in your subject line and/or email, you would have to use the construct [contact_attribute:Field Name] where Field Name refers to the field name in your contact list. It is important to add the field name as it is shown in the field label, spaces must be included. For example, if you are using fields with multiple words like first name, there should be a space in between first & name. Another example would be the Extra 3 field, a space must be added between Extra & 3. Removing the space will cause the merge tag to fail.

For example: “[contact_attribute:first name] check out our new products,”

If James Anderson receives your email, it will say: “James check out our new products” in the subject line.

You can go to the ‘preview’ and check if the contact details are replaced. If the contact detail does not exist, the field will appear blank.

Some of the common tags would be

[contact_attribute:first name] [contact_attribute:last name] [contact_attribute:email] or [contact_attribute:FIELD LABEL] where FIELD LABEL is the label of the field used in the contact list. To get the labels you can go to the detail of any contact and copy-paste the label e.g “Job Title” or “Business Phone” etc. These would translate into [contact_attribute:Job Title] and [contact_attribute:Business Phone]


  1. Make sure to include any spaces of the field name in the merge tag, if space is removed the merge tag will fail.
  2. Personalization will not show up if the field mentioned in the merge tag is empty in the list selected for the email campaign. 
  3. Personalization will not show up in test emails because there is no reference to specific contact details. You can send your email campaign to a small set of contacts if you’d like to test your personalization.
  4. You can use the Preview or Specific Contact option to check the personalization tags before sending the campaign. Following are the steps to preview the email
    1. On the editor, click on Test and select Specific contact.
    2. Enter the email address of any contact from your selected list and click on Update Preview. The Preview button also allows you to see the merge tags, the feature picks a random email address from the selected list to preview. 
  5. Sending a test email does not show merge tags.
Using Emoji’s

You can also personalize your emails using Emojis. Our Emoji Picker is loaded with websafe and mobile friendly emojis.

Benchmark emoji picker in subject line

Avoid replacing words with emojis. Instead, use them to compliment your text in case your chosen character doesn’t display in your recipient’s inbox. Emoji’s display is determined by your recipient’s device type, operating system, and email client.

To learn more about Emoji’s in your subject lines, Click Here.

To see other Merge Tags Available Click Here

Benchmark also provides a feature by suggesting the top performed subject lines from your historical data. Click here for more information.

It is always a good practice to write an impressive subject line. An eye-catching subject line provides better engagement in terms of open and clicks. Click here for more tips on writing a compelling subject line.

If you have any questions regarding your Email Subject line, please feel free to contact our support team via Email, LiveChat or by phone.

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