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How do I write effective survey invitations?

Surveys & Polls Updated on August 6, 2018
You may be sending your survey to your recipients when they are in all manner of moods or trying to wade through any number of emails. Conversely, they may have all the time in the world but you are not giving them enough info to reassure them that your survey is necessary. Follow the steps below to improve your survey open- and click-rates:
  1. Start Immediately from the Subject Line The Subject Line and From name are the two most essential elements when trying to obtain opens. Make it clear who is sending the email invitation (your organization) and why (statement of survey’s purpose) right in the subject line.
  2. You’re on a Deadline Let the recipient know that time is of the essence. They need to take the survey now, not later, and give them a due date for the survey’s completion.
  3. They’re on a Deadline Let them know approximately how long the survey should take. Tell them in minutes, not generalizations. Giving them a concrete idea of what the survey is for and how long it will take them to submit might be enough for some to take it immediately. If your recipient knows it will take a certain number of minutes but don’t have those on hand, they are more likely to come back to the survey and complete it when they do have the time.
  4. Never Send a Survey without Letting Them Know What You’re Going to Use It For The internet is host to a bevy of information, more of it about personal info than your recipients would probably like. Make it clear what you are using this survey for (better segmentation, website improvements, customer service, etc.). Tell them how you will benefit and most importantly tell them how they will benefit. If you don’t provide at least that much, don’t expect them to take the survey.

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