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How to connect Benchmark Email to my PayPal account?

E-Commerce Integrations Updated on September 4, 2019

First of you want to make sure you have a Business or Premier account in PayPal. A personal account will not work, the accounts have to be Premier or Business.

Integrating with PayPal is simple and effortless. When a client purchases an item they will be added into a contact list of your choice!

To get started please follow the steps below.

1.     Login into your Benchmark Email Account. 2.     Hover over your Account Name on the top Right and then select Integrations. 3.     Scroll down to PayPal and select a Contact List to add your subscribers to (This will provide you a unique URL). 4.     Copy the URL.

Once you have copied your URL you will need to log into your PayPal Business/Premier account.

Once in PayPal follow these Steps.

1.    Click on the Gear top right, and scroll down to Profile and Settings.

2.    Click on My Selling Tools

3.    Scroll down to Instant payment notifications, and click on Update

4.    Now you will click Choose IPN Settings

5.    Paste the URL in the Notification URL and then select Receive IPN Messages.
 Your page should look something this this when done.

NOTE: The connection status will show Disconnected until a subscriber purchases something. Once they purchase they will be added to the list you selected.


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