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iPhone App – Will my email list comply with CAN-SPAM laws?

Mobile Apps Updated on August 7, 2018
Spam is defined as the sending of unsolicited bulk email messages. As long as you have built a permission-based contact list, you should not have to worry that it is spam. The following requirements will help prevent spam complaints against your campaign(s):
  1. My list is permission-basedThis is affirming that every person on your contact list has given you permission to contact them via email.
  2. My list is not a purchased listThis item assures us that you didn’t buy or rent your complete list of email addresses – or any of the individual contacts on your list.
  3. My list does not contain distribution email addresses This checked box tells us that each email on your list only goes to one person, not a group or more than one person at a time.
  4. My list does not contained captured email addresses This last point makes certain that you received explicit permission from your contacts to email them, instead of simply “scraping” or copying visible email addresses from websites.

There are ways to properly build an acceptable contact list, if you do not already have one.

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