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Benchmark Email fornisce video tutorials?

Primi passi Aggiornato il ottobre 22, 2020
Video tutorials are an excellent way to learn about the different features offered by Benchmark Email. We value your time and, because of that, we have created a series of short videos (1-3 minutes) that will provide you with the necessary information to get you started with email marketing as quickly and easily as possible.

If you have more than a few minutes to spare, be sure to check out the pre-recorded webinar designed to make you a Benchmark Email pro in less than 60 minutes!

We offer many more video tutorials, divided in easy-to-navigate categories, which are designed to help you along your email marketing journey.

Getting Started
Dashboard : Learn how to successfully navigate Benchmark Email user interface.
Contact List Management
Importing a List : This tutorial helps you with importing lists from other resources.
Copy and Paste : Copy addresses from other sources & paste into your Benchmark lists.
Individual Contacts : Learn about manually adding a person’s email address & contact info.
New List : An overview of the different ways of creating subscriber lists.
Signup Forms : Sign up subscribers and grow your email list.
Creating Email Campaign
Emails : This video give you an overview of the emails dashboard.
New Email : Need help making your first email? Watch this video.
Custom Template : Have your own template HTML code? Here’s how to add it.
Autoresponders : Schedule automatic drip campaigns.
Global Options : Tweak any template to your liking with this tutorial.
Section Editing : All about adding & formatting the content of your emails.
Images Video : Adding pictures to your newsletters is easy with this tutorial.
Additional Elements : Customizing your email with HTML attributes.
Email Plans
Free for Life : Get free email marketing for life!
Additional Features
Polls : How to create & post your own customized online polls.
Surveys : How to create, email & post custom surveys.
Archive : Put your emails online with their own individual web addresses.
Real-Time Reports : Track and analyze your email metrics and trends.
Social Media Integration : Add social sharing buttons, apps, templates and more!
Don’t see a video that fits your needs? Suggest one to us. We are regularly updating our site and new videos will be added to our collection as needed.

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