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Difference between Copying and Moving Contacts

Contact Lists Updated on December 6, 2018

What is the difference between copying and moving contacts, they might sound the same, but they have two different functionalities. Copying contacts to another list can help you maintain multiple lists with the same contacts, while moving contacts deletes the contact from its original list, learn more below.


Moving Contacts

When you move contacts, you’re simply picking individual email addresses and sending them to another list. Those email addresses will disappear from your original list once you move them.


Copying Contacts

When you copy contacts, you’re keeping your selected email addresses on the original list, but also sending them to another list.

If you suspect you have the same contact in multiple lists, don’t fret Benchmark removes any duplicate email addresses regardless of whether you moved contacts or copied contacts over.


To learn how to:

Copy or move individual contacts to another list Click Here.

Copy lists with different fields Click Here.

Copy an entire list to another list Click Here.

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