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My links are a different color in some email clients. Why is this?

Templates & Editor Updated on September 6, 2019

Your link has a different color in different email clients because email clients have their own default settings for links. The default setting kicks in when a link color is not specified in the coding of the email. For example, Gmail will use the colors from their “theme” settings and your links will match the menu links.

If you set the color while in Step 4 of the email builder, it will override this default setting and your link will appear the color you choose.

All links in your email have the default color scheme (blue for links / purple for visited links).

To change the color of your URL links in the Edit Mode
  1. Highlight the URL (by using the mouse or the keyboard to select the link).
  2. Change the color using the color picker in the toolbar of the block.
  3. Click on SAVE to save your changes.
Using the Code View Mode
  1. Go to the URL code that you want to update.
  2. Update the HTML code inside the <a href> or link tag by using the style attribute (#FF0000 = red) e.g. Your link text should look like this:
    <font color=red><a href="xyz"></a></font>

    After inserting the style tag, your code should look like this:

    <a href="xyz" style="color:#FF0000"></a>
  3. Click on Save or Update.
Attention: There will still be some browsers that will use their own settings, even if you have set the color. For those particular situations, there is no way to override the color setting.

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