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Sync your Volusion contacts to Benchmark using PieSync

E-Commerce Integrations Updated on March 6, 2019

Sync your Volusion contacts to Benchmark using PieSync, and let PieSync’s two-way sync do all the work for you. PieSync allows you to push, pull and even update data between 2 applications in minutes.

With the help of Benchmark and PieSync, you can keep your customers updated with new products and special offers and stay engaged.

Volusion contacts to Benchmark

You must have an account for each of the following:
  • Benchmark
  • PieSync
  • Volusion

When you have completed the syncing process, both Benchmark and Volusion will stay connected and your contacts will auto sync.

To learn how to connect and export contacts using PieSync Click here.


  • With PieSync you will get 14-day free trial
  • Test Benchmark with our Free List Plan 2,000
  • Syncing is straightforward and will save you time and money
  • Choose between one-way and two-way directional syncing

If you already have a PieSync account you can log in using your existing login credentials. However, if you do not have a PieSync account, you can sign up directly from the Partner Services page in your Benchmark account.

For more information or assistance with PieSync you can contact PieSync support at If you have any questions regarding Benchmark please contact our Support team via LiveChat, Email or by phone.

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