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Outlook 2007遇到的常見問題有哪些?

Create General Questions 更新日期 6 八月, 2018

Outlook 2007可能對於電子報有下列的影響:


  • 無法顯示背景圖片
  • 行與行之間經常是2倍行高的格式
  • 即使圖片已經在HTML重新調整過大小,還是會以原始尺寸顯示
  • 無法撥放影片
  • 無法撥放內嵌物件及Flash
  • 文字會全部靠左對齊
  • Forms will not work in the emails sent to Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 Email clients consider email forms to be a security risk. While some email clients simply warn you of potential danger, others like Outlook 2007 outright disable the forms. Given the sporadic support for forms in emails, we recommend linking to a form on a website rather than embedding it in the email.

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