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What are the advantages of archiving my emails?

Community Archive Updated on August 6, 2018
The sale may be over and the goods long gone, but that doesn’t mean your latest email marketing campaign is ready to be deleted forever. Don’t abandon your old emails; put them online so your customers can see them. Build an archive with every email campaign you send so both loyal customers and new prospects can track your updates and see how far your business has come.

Here’s how you can take advantage of our archive feature:

  • Store all your email newsletters online – each one with its own URL.
  • Give your customers an easy, quick way to find your newsletters and emails from the past.
  • Store your how-to articles so product owners can go back and reference them when they need to.
  • Create a main archive page that branches out with links to all your emails and newsletters.
Having an archive page is like having a filing system for your campaigns. Unlike sharing your emails on Facebook or Twitter, your archive is your own private stash of what you have created in the past. Each campaign is given its own URL so you can reference them on an as-needed basis. You will be able to customize the colors, fonts and text to make the page your own.

Create your archive home page today so you can begin archiving your emails now!

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