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What are the benefits of creating a fan or business page on Facebook?

Social Media Updated on March 12, 2021
Engaging with social media is a step your business needs to take, not because your competitors will – but for the sake of pragmatism. Facebook gives you a fast, FREE connection to literally millions of potential users/customers and takes very little time to build.

There are multiple types of Facebook pages. The most numerous is the basic user profile. These are personal pages where friends can build social networks and share information, schedule events and post videos, images and updates. These pages are not for selling products or services and, in fact, even if a profile is created sheerly for use by the company, it is considered a bad faith practice to use a personal profile solely for company promotions. That is the province of Fan and Business pages.

Fan and Business pages can be created for free. Both Facebook users and non-Facebook users can view your Business or Fan page and you can use it to link to and from your company’s websites and newsletters and post updates, promotions, and announcements relating to your business. By consistently updating your pages you can keep your customers and fan base informed and remain relevant. When a user "Likes" or comments on your posts, that information is automatically posted to the user’s Facebook feed, updating their friends and in turn increasing your brand and online visibility.

When your Fan page accumulates more than 25 fans your page will get a custom URL. Even before that, however, your Facebook pages are indexed by the search engines, allowing greater search engine optimization and leading to more cross-promotion in other social and email marketing channels. Invite your customers and subscribers to "Like" your page and Facebook will prove to be the best investment you never had to pay for.

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